to the Metaverse

We would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you all. Everyone here will be able to participate in 6 different GameFi Metaverse games. To participate, user will need to mint or own at least one of 10,000 Squid Game #Player NFTs.

Those players who win the first set of games will receive a receive a handsome cash prize in the form of $150,000. Generous bonuses and airdrops of the platforms exclusive governance token will be rewarded to the #Players competing in Metaverse games.

Stage 2 now is Open


We are now on the BSC Network
#Players left
Maximum is 20 NFT per 1 Mint
Maximum is 20 NFT
Mint 1 NFT using0.6 BNB0.42 BNB

#Players Rarity

The #Players collection was hand drawn by our talented and well-known designer. The NFTs are the rarest of their kind on any existing blockchain and hold unique attributes that will correlate to in-game skills. These useful in-game skills will help #Players to perform better in the games and reward them better prizes. Good luck, #Players!
  • Rarity Rank462
  • #Player TypePlayers
  • Rarity Rank79
  • #Player TypePlayers
  • Rarity Rank307
  • #Player TypePlayers
  • Rarity Rank1 021
  • #Player TypePlayers
  • Rarity Rank620
  • #Player TypeSecurity
  • Rarity Rank911
  • #Player TypeSecurity
  • Rarity Rank629
  • #Player TypeSecurity
  • Rarity Rank24
  • #Player TypeSecurity
  • Rarity Rank72
  • #Player TypeVIP’s
  • Rarity Rank113
    ID#1 654
  • #Player TypeVIP’s
  • Rarity Rank271
    ID#1 889
  • #Player TypeVIP’s
  • Rarity Rank321
    ID#5 230
  • #Player TypeVIP’s
  • Rarity Rank90
  • #Player TypePolice Officer
  • Rarity Rank449
  • #Player TypePolice Officer
  • Rarity Rank832
    ID#2 318
  • #Player TypePolice Officer
  • Rarity Rank1 260
    ID#2 404
  • #Player TypePolice Officer
  • Rarity Rank2
  • #Player TypePlayer 001
  • Rarity Rank464
  • #Player TypePlayer 001
  • Rarity Rank512
    ID#1 086
  • #Player TypePlayer 001
  • Rarity Rank468
  • #Player TypePlayer 001
  • Rarity Rank148
    ID#9 304
  • #Player TypeLeading
  • Rarity Rank429
  • #Player TypeLeading
  • Rarity Rank84
  • #Player TypeLeading
  • Rarity Rank64
  • #Player TypeLeading
  • Rarity Rank40
    ID#3 608
  • #Player TypeBarker
  • Rarity Rank33
    ID#5 940
  • #Player TypeBarker
  • Rarity Rank37
  • #Player TypeBarker
  • Rarity Rank36
    ID#1 344
  • #Player TypeBarker
  • Rarity Rank6
    ID#3 228
  • #Player TypeDoll Killer
Rarity overview
#Player types


Stage 0 [Finished]
First 456 #Players
0,18 BNB
To mint a #Player NFT at a 70% discount, users will need to participate in the whitelist. There will be a limited number of accounts that will be able to mint the NFTs.
Stage 01 [Finished]
1144 #Players
0,30 BNB
Minting at a 50% discount is limited to only 1144 #Player NFTs. Users that were not able to mint on the whitelist have another opportunity to do so.
Stage 02 [05.02.2022]
1400 #Players
0,42 BNB
Last chance to mint at a 30% discount. The round will be split into two, where each round will give users certain bonuses for minting and participating. Both rounds will have two different and exciting raffles.
Stage 03
7000 #Players
0,6 BNB
Opportunity for any user to mint a #Players NFT. Also, the release of a preview video of the set of 6 metaverse games that will be available to users once the mint is over.
Stage 04
The launch of the first game, where your minted #Player can be used and be rewarded with the governance token. Additionally, the launch of the valuable governance system.
Stage 05
The launch of all 6 metaverse games. Each game will give out up to $25,000 in rewards for the winner. The total reward amount will total $150,000.
The total reward amount is…


All games will be monitored and any sort of cheating will lead to an elimination of the #Player/s.
#Players may need to form teams in some games. #Players will be given enough time to form teams before the game begins. Be careful, the loss of your team may lead to the elimination of the whole team. Choose wisely!
The games will be released 48H after they are announced on our Discord channel.

Our designer

Now lets get to the incredible, artistic, creative, and well-known designer of the #Players NFTs

She focuses her designs on randomly drawn lines and makes the pieces come to life with different color schemes and vibrant hues. She has won many international awards for her artistic pieces and unique outlook.

Her unique style can be easily identified, through her use of eye-catching features and contrasting effects.

1000 pieces
She has more than 1000 pieces in her portfolio, which are all unique and distinctive from the rest.
300 hours
The creation of this collection took more than 300 hours of work for our designer, as she draws the pieces individually without any third-party help.
Each #Player, attribute, background, and effect was all drawn by hand, making this collection the most unique and the first of any kind on any platform.

Frequently asked questions

How can I mint a #Player NFT?
First, add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to your Metamask. Only once you add the BSC, top up your account with BNB + gas, which is estimated to be below $1.5 per transaction. Then, on the website, click on "Connect Metamask” and make sure to be on the Binance Smart Chain. Once connected, choose the amount you wish to mint and click on “Mint”. You will then need to confirm your transaction on Metamask. Once this is done, your #Player NFT should be minted and can be seen in the “My #Players” page. Minting will only be available through this platform. The mint price depends on what stage you mint a #Player NFT and can be seen on our roadmap.
How to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask?
Click here — to find out how to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask to participate in the mint
How can I find my #Player once I mint it?
Once minted, the #Player will be visible on the “My #Players” page. In order to see the minted #Player, the user needs to connect their Metamask to the wallet where the NFT is stored. Remember to be on the Binance Smart Chain network.
How can I take part in the six metaverse games?
Minting or owning at least one #Player gives you access to participate in the six metaverse games. The more #Players you mint, the higher your chance of staying alive and winning the cash prize at the end. The winners of the first set of games will win up to $25,000.
How can I send my #Players NFT to Metamask?
Click here to find out how to send your Squid Game #Player NFT to your Metamask wallet. This can only be done through a mobile device.
What makes this project unique?
Our designer is very well-known in the graphic design industry and our work with her for the last couple of months is what makes us different. What makes this project really unique and special is the utility behind it! Be sure to check out our roadmap and white paper. Additionally, this project is an effort of more than 120 people that have each contributed to the project in their own unique way. Working with people from more than 15 countries gives you a broader outreach and out-of-the-box ideas.